Google Glass Rooted

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Google Glass is the latest innovation from Google, a product that, like self-driving cars, the company is hoping will bring a completely new industry to the world, and a new way to consume content and stay connected at all time. Thanks to Google Glass, you can see messages, notifications, take pictures, look up maps and share posts all through a tiny screen in front of your eye. But while Glass may be a technological innovation, right now it is very much a beta product, that only geeks and tech enthusiasts are rushing for. The first batch is now shipping, with some people having received them in the last couple of days.

However, if there is one thing prevalent in tech communities is open source, freedom of code and the desire to hack into any system to find out how they work. So it is no surprise that already, Google Glass has been 'rooted'. One particular early adopter received his unit and got to work, hacking into the Android kernel running the device, and managing to 'jailbreak' it. While Google has usually been a friend of the open source community, releasing a lot of code for free, Jay Freeman did not want to wait, and achieved his task in just a few hours.

According to an interview he gave, the well known iOS jailbreaker says that he had to use a known Android exploit in order to get the necessary permissions to change code in the device's firmware. He says that it was a fairly simple task, and already another developer named Liam McLoughlin achieved the same task. This 'jailbreak' allows them to change the root code in Google Glass, make it do whatever they want. It is not clear yet if the consumer version will be vulnerable to the same hacks.