Google Goats Its PR Mowers Back Into Action For Earth Day

Once again Google is resorting to the use of grass-hungry goats to cut their lawn. In what was perceived as a PR stunt by TechCrunch and others last year, Google returns to their sideline work of goat herding. To present themselves as sympathetic to the needs of the environment, Google will bring in hundreds of goats to their Mountain View compound to act as lawnmowers.

As the story, goes, these goats conduct this field-clearing exercise once a year for Google.

Even though the video indicates they are treated well, there has been complaints from the animal protection organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), criticized this endeavor last year due to the lack of shelter for the herd and the electric fence that encircles the goats.

The other issue is transportation. It would appear that the carbon footprint left in transporting the goats to and from Mountain View from an organization called California Grazing would off-set the environmental-savings of not using lawnmowers.  But it appears that this land management service is based in both South and North California, so the proximity to the Silicon Valley is close.

The official Google Blog proudly announces that "The goats are baaaahk!" -but, not to worry - Google will not be going into the business of chèvre (goat milk & cheese production) any time soon.

So while Google's latest colleagues munch a bunch of mulch, take our POLL and let us know if you think this endeavor is truly Google's attempt to eliminate mower emissions and reduce noise pollution leading up to Earth Day (April 22) - or - strictly a PR stunt?