Google I/O Rounds Up '6rounds' For Google Wave Spotlight

Google I/O opens Wednesday, May 19, 9AM PT/12 ET. Last year, Google took the tech world by storm in introducing Google Wave with video presentations that were overwhelming as they were lengthy (one weighing in at 80 minutes). Despite a lukewarm response, Google continues to enhance its real-time collaboration and enterprise software and at this year's conference, out of six Wave-specific sessions, 6rounds hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel takes center stage to unveil its unique Wave extension.

Odds-on favorite to outshine the other 5, 6rounds, the flash-based social entertainment platform that takes video conferencing to another level is Google Wave's only 'video chat' extension. By combining webcam chats, interactive activities and real-time games, 6rounds has skillfully managed to bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds in an entertaining and experiential manner.

The latest version of 6rounds' extension includes a live snapshot stream containing snapshots taken from sessions within all waves. Here's a short demo of how 6Rounds works in a way that far exceeds the capabilities of Chatroulette or TinyChat. Note the webcam special effects, virtual animated gifts, YouTube videos previews and the interactive games that can be shared.

For those that want to install 6rounds Google Wave extension, users are directed to the Wave Extension Gallery. Once installed, all you have to do to video chat is press the 6rounds' icon and the extension will be inserted into your wave.

When using the wave extensions there is no need to create a 6rounds account. 6rounds  pulls your existing ‘Google Wave’ profile information automatically, and allows you to enter a chat without having to post any additional data. The extension allows multiple people within the wave to have rounds (video chats) simultaneously, and displays the others in the wave with whom they are talking to. Using the wavy playback feature, members that are in the current wave or that join the wave in the future, will be able to playback the history of rounds performed.

6Rounds presentation will allow developers to ask questions and share notes before the conference kicks off on Wednesday. Additionally, 6Rounds has announced plans for its much anticipated Facebook video chat application, as well as its ability to support multiple video chats, similar to Tiny Chat.

Distinguished with other video conferencing software programs, the video chat experience offered by 6Rounds is a cross-platform environment whose core components can be integrated into other Web sites and social networks, using external widgets, extensions and applications.

At the conference 6Rounds will also be announcing the launch of its Developer API (See "6rounds at Google I/O Allows Webchat Developers To Develop APIs In 15 Minutes")