Google Japan Celebrates Chrome Browser With Tasty Eye Candy


Google Chrome is one year old, wasn't that fast? To celebrate what has been by most accounts a very successful year for the upstart internet browser, Google Japan hosted a birthday bash for industry types that featured a most colorful spread - in official Google colors, of course!

Thanks go out to Danny Choo, resident Tokyo stormtrooper and Japan blogger extraordinaire for these images. Danny really gets around but it's not certain if he got around to trying some of the unnaturally vivid food & drinks the Google folks were offering.

Colorful bite-sized cookies laid out in the Google Chrome logo looked tempting, especially if you're Pac-Man. Seems as though the organizers had plenty of spare circular snacks on hand to ensure the new browser's logo continually displayed the right message.

As for the Google Chrome cake, once it was cut there was no turning back - luckily Danny arrived early enough to snap the baked beauty before it was snapped up by hungry guests. Available to wash the Chrome-y confections down were a selection of rainbow tinted cocktails that, according to Danny, could possibly give the imbiber quite a surprising wake-up call the next morning. I'll stick with coffee, thanks very much.

Still in the dark about Google Chrome? "Browse" this primer for more info! (via and KenLeeWrites)

Jan 13, 2010
by Toby
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