Google Keep Challenges Evernote

Google KeepGoogle Keep

In note taking apps, Evernote has quickly become the norm for many people. The company has apps everywhere from the desktop, web, iOS and Android. While there are many other note taking solutions out there, none can provide as many features such as sync, web clipping, encryption, drawing, images, and so on. But now Google, the search giant, has decided to tackle that market with a brand new solution of its own, Google Keep.

The idea behind Google Keep is that anything you want to write down, whether it be a quick note, a to do list, or a quote, you should be able to write it down anywhere. Right now, the app is available on Android and is in the process of being included in Google Drive. Already it has many functions such as a Pinterest style interface, note dictation, and various colors. However, that feature set is far from the more mature note taking apps such as Evernote. Right now, anyone still looking for an app like that would be hard pressed to select Google Keep. Still, the company has a few key advantages which could make Keep into a keeper. First, it can integrate it into its many other products, such as Android itself or even Google Now. Also, simply by using its tremendous marketing powers, it can bring in many new users through Google Docs or other sites that they own.

Right now the note taking field seems pretty crowded, especially since these types of apps seem to be so simple. With Google killing Reader just a week ago, it is a strange time to introduce yet another new product, and some are wary that the company may just kill Keep should it fail to take on. If you want to check it out, it should be appearing in your Google Drive soon, or you can download it on the Android Play Store.