Google Labs: Google Squared

Google Labs, the experimental division of Google, has made public their developing project Google Squared.  The concept of Google Squared is to take searching into related topics and offer multiple forms of links and related media.  Using your Google account you can save your squares, as well as edit them or add onto existing elements within them.

The idea is a bit confusing the first time you try it.  I'm sure most of you are used to using Google for it's great accuracy and relevance in search materials.  Google Squared is a completely different idea.  With Google Squared, you can input a seach, and get all types of items related to your search, with images and links that are displayed in a square.  For example, search "Star Wars" and you'll get a list of various movies and details on each.  Here's what it looks like if you search "nfl":

Google Squared attempts to generate these results on its own, but often you'll find that they need more information from you in order to complete the search.  I tried searching "iphone", but this wasn't enough to generate a square, and so I put "ipod", "imac", "itunes", and "mp3" in to get a results box that displayed a list of Apple items.  Again, you can modify your squares' fields and content, so to make one that's useful to you, it may take a little time.

Perhaps I'm missing the point, but I found Google Squared to be more or less a novelty than a truly useful search service.  Sure, it's fascinating to see what it comes up with as results, and for a topic you may not know a lot about, Google Squared can certainly come in handy.  But I feel like the service is not yet to the point where it will become as useful as numerous other Google services.  Then again, maybe we've come to expect too much of Google products after such revolutions as GMail and the Google search site itself.  Let us know what your impressions of Google Squared are in the comments!