Google Launches Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel: A higher definition screenChromebook Pixel: A higher definition screen

It started as a leaked YouTube video, and most people were not even sure it was a real product. Many thought that the Chromebook Pixel was a joke or a fake demonstration when it went around the web two weeks ago. But now Google confirmed that the Chromebook Pixel is real, and it is the latest generation in its line of Chromebooks. The laptop now displays prominently on their web site, and is being introduced as the most impressive Chromebook ever. But is it a device you should consider? Let's see the features and how it compares with traditional laptops.

First, the Chromebook Pixel is all about the display. As shown in the illustration above, Google is quick to point out that this device has a much higher screen definition than most standard laptops. The pixel per inch count is higher, which means images will be crisper and text will be easier to read, even when you use small font types. But the screen is not the only innovation that the Chromebook Pixel brings to the table. It also has a touchscreen, which is unusual in laptops. Finally, the keyboard is also of note, being redesigned and backlit, providing what the company says is a much easier and convenient typing experience.

But the question remains, should you get the Chromebook Pixel? The fact remains that this is a Chromebook, which means you are expected to do everything online through Google services. This means using Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and so on. There is no local storage for you to install applications, and while apps have some basic offline capabilities, you cannot do much if you do not have a web connection. Also, these devices are typically much slower than normal laptops, since you are expected to do everything in your web browser, and not run any demanding games or software. So the right question should be, is the Chromebook way of doing things for you, and if so, then this may yet be the best laptop for your needs.

Chromebook PixelChromebook Pixel