Google Maps Shows Massive Pyramids... in China?

China has a lot of secrets that it sweeps under the national rug, but here is one of the most unusual ones. According to World Mysteries, the existence of these pyramids had been rumored for years with one of the most intriguing reports coming from an American pilot half a century ago: 

[I]n 1947, another U.S. aviator, Maurice Sheahan—this time flying over Shaanxi Province, not far from Xian-- caught sight of a giant pyramid in the misty landscape below and rapidly snapped pictures. This time, several U.S. newspapers, in-cluding the New York Times for March 28, 1947, published accounts of the airman’s sighting. But Chinese archaeologists con-tinued to deny the existence of such a structure, even though Sheahan’s photographs suggested it was higher than any pyramid in Egypt. (World Mysteries)

While that height might be a little exaggerated, it's great to finally get a decent view of the area (just outside of Xi'an) thanks to Google maps. In total there are 38 of them, and unlike the Egyptian pyramids they are not made of giant blocks but rather they are just large mounds of earth. I wonder if the creators knew about the Egyptian pyramids when they built these? If so, these might just be the earliest examples of Chinese counterfeit (aka shanzhai).

Here's an aerial shot on Google Maps. But for more pictures, be sure to click on over to the World Mysteries article.



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Jun 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Major Tourisim Boom to China

Imagine opening up 2,3 pyramids to the World & China could have a Huge Tourisim Boom into Area?

Build more Hotels
Airport to see these Pyramids.



Project can include:

Archeological Labs
R&D offices, labs
Guided tours into pyramids
active escavations
Trade Center
Mining Eng Center
Fine Arts Center

for income & tourisim.

I wonder why China wont open up area to exploration alone?

Or do pyramids surrouund hidden Chinese military sites?

Or have "hex, curse" on them???

Implications are immense for area.

The whole Xian city & Prov can be impacted alone.

IE like the terra cott Chinese army in that tomb in the 1970s Find.

This is= to that Find BUT visible from Outer Space alone.

Jun 6, 2009
by Anonymous

It's probably just flat land

It's probably just flat land that looks like a pyramid from above, especially the 4 diagonal paths that look like the sides of a vertical building. i'm quite sure that if china does have pyramids, the local government will open it up for tourism dollars in a flash. It won't hide something like this.