Google Search Allows 105K+ Twitter Users To Return Back To The Future

It was announced at the Chirp Developers' Conference in San Francisco that Twitter now has over 105,779,710 registered users, and their adding 300K additional per day. In tandem with that announcement Google posted to their official Google Blog that the Twitterverse will be able to telescope back to any point in time and "reply" what people said on Twitter dating back to Day One.

With Google's new search features, billions of Twitter posts will no longer fade into oblivion now that Google is indexing them all in a massive, searchable database.

Google's new 'timeline' search function will provide users with access to look at an entire history of tweets on any subject, in any time frame. The feature will roll out over the next couple of days, but you can see it in action now through a special link.

By entering a search term and selecting "Updates" under search options, you can quickly find tweets on that term dating back to February 2010. Google says you'll soon be able to go all the way back to one of the first tweets ever sent on March 21, 2006 sent by Ev Williams, one of Twitter's illustrious founders

Twitter status updates never really disappeared with time, they were just difficult to search. Results on Twitter's Web site are displayed chronologically, so going back in time required patience and lots of clicks on the "more" button. Google only showed recent status updates as well.

With Google's new Twitter search feature, you can view all Tweets within a specific day, month or year, using a graph that appears on top of the results.

As explained on the Official Google Blog, the feature's actually pretty handy if you want to see what people where saying on the day of a major event, such as when the Iranian Election Protests hit the streets of Iran last year.

David Erickson in his e-Strategy Internet Marketing blog demonstrates how users can drill down on Google's new realtime search timeline feature by hour of the day, in this recent YouTube vid.

Additionally it appears that companies and organizations will be able to acquire their entire archive of Tweets dating back to March 2006 as well, as evidenced by this Library of Congress tweet.

So tweeters beware. Forewarned is forearmed. Now, not only will all of your stellar tweets become public knowledge, but all those tweets you may not be as proud of will also be open to the glaring spotlight of Big Brother Google and the world. So perhaps thinking a little before you tweet might become the better practice, now that your entire history will soon be up for examination - all the way back to the future!