Google Squared - Hollywood Squares For The Digerati

Google has gone anal, and for all those A-Type personalities that like things neat and tidy, have they got a search engine for you. In a recent move by the Big-G, there is now a way to take all that unstructured data you've been searching for, and collating and sorting it into an orderly spreadsheet of labeled boxes. Literally, that is what does. It uses the principles of 'semantic' search, gathering information from multiple sources to present you with all the information required to answer your query.  First announced at Google's recent Searchology event, Google Squared is now live and operational in Beta.

Google's Product Manager Daniel Dulitz provides you with a snapshot of Google Squared here...

Since Google Squared is just your search results in a column and row format, you’re best off making queries on groups of things. My suggestion for starters would be to search for television shows to retrieve cast members, accompanying images, descriptions, birth dates etc. A typical search on "standard" Google will only return a list of relevant web sites. Users still have to visit these Web sites to find more data pertaining to different aspects of their topic. Google Squared, on the other hand, collects information from different Web sites and presents it as an organized collection display.

In the case of the classic TV Show Hollywood Squares, one can actually bring up the stars of the show literally in squares! Here you have a good sampling of the comedians that were the show's favorites over the years. Also note that Tom Bergeron succeeded Peter Marshall as the host of the show.


Now, if you want to "square off" Tom Bergeron, you can see how his career continued to flourish after Hollywood Squares with guest appearances and other TV hosting gigs, culminating with the recent TV hit, Dancing with the Stars.


Similar to Hollywood Squares, there will be times when you will stump G-Squared. When this happens you will be prompted as such, as I was when I queried "Twitter"...

Not quite sure why Google wasn't be able to 'square off' any results for Twitter, but in any event, this is an instance where you can manually enter a few of the items you want to see compared, and Google will search again to find similar entities to build out a comprehensive spreadsheet according to how you would like to search Twitter.


Google is still ironing out some of its Beta wrinkles. According to Mashable's Jennifer Van Grove, "Though we wouldn’t say that Google Squared is revolutionary, or able to compete with... Wolfram Alpha... it’s an interesting departure from the status quo of standard list search results. Plus, with the recent release of Bing, it’s important that Google continue to innovate and experiment to maintain their dominance in search."

I personally hope this concept has legs, as once perfected, I can see the anal side of me utilizing this tool to bring order to my otherwise chaotic existence.  Proof of its success should be evident in the very near future. We will learn shortly if our lives can be neatly broken down into our own Hollywood Squares and if Google Squared will continue to evolve in tandem with semantic technology.