Google Toilet Paper Rolls Out Real-Time Wipes

This week Google bought a power plant and manufactured their first smartphone, the Nexus One. Granted, Google is ubiquitous, but who would of thought that Google would eventually find its way into our bathrooms.

Yes, the next time you need to attend to that necessary body function, you will be able to "Google it" there as well. Don't know if the Vietnamese people are still trying to get back at us for invading their country some forty years ago, but their recent launch of a toilet paper named Google is quickly becoming a global sensation.

If you were to search the keywords "Google Toilet Paper" you would find no less than 1.9 million SERPs appear in approximately 0.19 seconds. And that same search on their 'Images' page looks like this.

Why that bottom right image features a stripper sliding down a stripper pole might be intended to poke fun at the fact that Google Toilet paper is produced with 100% virgin pulp.

Mashable actually ran a 'Google Toilet' paper post as the top story on their social media page on January 8. Must have been a slow news day for social networkers.

So, if you want to optimize your wipe, I guess Google has it hands down over the competition. While Bing spent more than a $100 million on an advertising campaign this past year, in the search engine race for dominance would anyone have guessed that Google would eventually lead the pack by wiping up the rear?

Just to double check, I reviewed the 260+ products in Google's portfolio, but (no pun intended) it appears there were no surprise partnership deals with the Vietnamese.

It is a comforting thought however, that as much as we tell the world we can't live without the Big G, now we actually have the paper to prove it.

Jan 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Perhaps a hoax?

How do we know this is real? I have been unable to locate any company in Vietnam associated with this toilet paper. Some Vietnamese supposedly blogged about this Google toilet paper with a partial photo that does not show any manufacturing information. This could just be a hoax for all we know, and I have stated so on my blog. Anyone with Photoshop can change the packaging of a product to read Google. Answer this question, why is "virgin pulp" in English? Why is "Rolls" in English? Why is "2 Ply Bathroom Paper" in English? This is a problem area with the net, someone sees something and immediately assumes it is real just because it is on the net.

Jan 10, 2010
by Ron Callari

Perhaps a hoax

I don't think whether this product is legit or not is of any importance. Nobody is writing about it to try to sell or promote the product. I wrote about it because I find it a hilarious example of just how ubiquitous Google is - and I'm sure Mashable and the majority of other bloggers who wrote about it, felt the same way. It's absurdity is what makes it fertile ground for parody.

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Jan 11, 2010
by Anonymous

Toilet Jokes

Hello Ron ~ I guess this rag is to make a point about who is covering our *Oops. I will have to check out more of your cartoons and humor filled blogs.

Thanks for making everyone's day