'Google Voice' Is Quiet About Sounding Off To Skype

If you were ever considering chuckin' your land-line phone, the time to do so might be right around the corner. And if you haven't already gravitated to Skype, the dominant option in the Internet phone market, you might want to consider a company you're familiar with for that service. With rumors swirling around Google's acquisition last November of Gizmo5, the speculation is high that Google is taking on yet another service to add to ubiquitous toolbox, with includes 260+ products, at last count.

Google Voice is an already fairly robust tool providing users with transcribed voicemail online, low international calls and custom greetings on users' cell phones.

Google Voice allows users more control over their phone calls. You can get one phone number for all your phones, incur less costly international calls, voicemail and emails. This video will provide you with the 411.

The intergration of Google Voice and Gizmo5 is an ideal combination for developing a worthy Skype-like competitor. It would allow users to make and receive calls right from one's desktop or laptop computers.

Ubiquitous Google!Ubiquitous Google!Some of the advantages over Skype would be Google's ability to integrate any of their products into the Internet conference calling process. Working across platforms, it could become a launching pad for Google Docs to be accessible during calls to provide a full-service video-conferencing experience. This would allow all conferee participates an opportunity to collaborate on the same documents in real-time, face-to-face. For any company, large or small that wants to reduce their phone bills, Google might give Skype a run for its money.

Techcrunch confirmed on April 7 that Google has been testing the prototype internally, where a Google Voice applicGoogle dogfoodingGoogle dogfoodingation is able to make and receive calls. In a process called "dogfooding" of products (as in "eating your own dogwood"), Google is doing its due diligence in ironing out 'bugs' and 'glitches' before the launching the product to the public.

However, when ready, you can be assured that Google's silent voice will turn into a booming clarion call heard throughout the Internet. Skype,'you best start looking at re-inventing your wheel!' Because if you don't, when Google unleashes their latest 'Pandora,' it might be the game-changer that retires your service.

Apr 15, 2010
by Anonymous


i can't wait to see if they'll incorporate wifi calling into google voice. if they do i'll buy another android device in a millisecond. google voice works like a hot knife through butter on android.

May 3, 2010
by Anonymous


It would be great to hear something from Google about their plans for Gizmo, on which they've been totally silent. Please, can we get something on the Google Voice Blog? Nothing new since April!