Google Wants To Bring Android Into Our Cars

Google is always searching for new ways and areas to invest, obviously hoping to have financial return but also to improve the quality of everyone's life. One of the latest moves by Google was the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, a company that has produced some of the most incredible robots we have ever seen.

Nonetheless, the most recent news about Google are related with cars - and no, they have nothing to do with its self-driving car. Together with NVIDIA, Audi, Hyunday, Honda and General Motors, the North-American tech giant has presented the Open Automotive Alliance, which has the goal of «making technology in the car safer, more seamless and more intuitive for everyone.»

Rumors had it that Google was planning to expand Android to the automotive industry, which are now confirmed. Much like Apple, which has signed a similar deals with BMW, General Motors and Honda, in order to implement its "iOS In The Car" initiative.

Similarly, Google wants to implement its operating system to cars, allowing drivers to use Android's applications and services in their vehicles. That can be done right now, with several on-board systems allowing users to pair smartphones but, according to Patrick Brady, director of Android engineering, that «is not yet a driving-optimised experience».

This is a rapidly growing market, attracting not only tech companies but also the car manufacturers. Tech companies are realizing that people spend large amounts of time in their cars, so they want to provide their services wherever people are. The interest of Google in cars is not new, with the attention they gave to traffic in Google Maps and the self-driving car project, but the incursion into automotive development is indeed a novelty - specially if we consider that other tech giants such as Apple or Microsoft had already made efforts in this market.

The efforts being made by Google and all the other tech giants will undoubtedly make cars more valuable which, in the long run, makes them easier to sell - specially using distance services such as We Buy Cars, where you can easily sell your car no matter what the condition it is in.

With Google's take in it, we know for sure that cars will indeed have improvements at this level, so the only thing to do now is to sit back and wait for some more news.