Google's AR Glasses Almost Out... for Some of Us

Google GlassesGoogle Glasses

Those of you who stalk the technological innovations coming out of the world that is known as Google probably know about their proposed virtual reality glasses. You may know that the glasses, which are designed to project information about the places around you, as you walk through the world. The project that is making those glasses possible, uncreatively named Project Glass, has been the temptation of the gadget fiends in the recent past.

The good news is that the project is going ahead and the company is putting out the glasses. Now comes the tease, the fact that the folks over at Google will not be putting them out to the general public. Instead they are going to be giving them out only to a select group of developers.  The company will be holding an east coast event in New York and a west coast event in California that will give software developers in the company's developers list he chance to get a first look at the specs.