Google's Desktop Search To Synch With Mobiles, But When?

Mobile Search is growing faster than Desktop Search and in some countries its the primary means for people to search today. However when originating a search at home or in office wouldn't it be great if you could transfer that search query to your mobile to obtain updates when you're on the go?

Google is working on a service under development that will enable search results from a desktop to be automatically displayed when the same user logs on to Google from a wireless phone equipped with a Web browser.

Scott HuffmanScott HuffmanScott Huffman, engineer director for Google stated at Google's Searchology conference this year, that he "wants search to become a daily engagement no matter where you are."

However, since May, we are still waiting for this enhancement. When I questioned a Google spokesperson on this upgrade, I was told "Google previewed this feature at Searchology and it is part of Google Suggest." 

It was further noted "search queries that you have typed on your desktop will eventually be exposed as suggestions on your mobile search.  As an example, the spokesperson noted, "if on desktop you check that your flight is on time by typing [BA 284], when you later open your browser in the cab on the way to the airport and tap the search box on your smartphone, that query will be displayed" and you be able to check status updates on that flight.

However when further pressed about the timing, the spokesperson indicated "the feature is under development and we hope it will launch very soon."

Now, it seems odd that since Google Sync can provide synchronization of your Google contacts and calendar appointments wirelessly to your iPhone or Blackberry, why would it take so long to perfect a search function that could be transferred seamlessly between systems?

Other companies are working on search applications that sync your mobile devices and PCs in other ways. Copernic for instance has a new service called "on the Go!" which lets you remotely search for and access files on your home or office PC.

With a subscription fee of $9.95, you can use your mobile phone to find and view files from your desktop or laptop in your home or office.

The service requires that either Windows Desktop Search or Copernic's own desktop search app be installed on your source computer. (Copernic offers three variations of its search app--a free Home edition with basic features, a $50 Pro version, and a $60 Corporate edition.)

Similarly SoonR's Mobile Desktop Search allows to find a file on your PC or Mac from your mobile device.

Tag Technology noted in my previous blog, "Could Tag Technology Replace Google Search" takes a dive into how augmented reality and bar-coding might actually take the place of Google Search in the foreseeable future. This also may be a means to transfer searches conducted on our desktop with our mobiles.

So while some technology exists, we are still waiting for Google or one of its search engine competitors to provide us with search capabilities that becomes a seamless interface between our desktop and mobile lives. I don't suspect we will have much longer to wait, but it does seem odd that there's been a lot of talk about this process but no tangible results to date.

But I guess the granddaddy of search with all its power and control can do whatever they want, when and where they want!