Go-Pod Makes Baby Activity Centers Portable And Storable


If you have a baby, having an activity center (or exersaucer as they are sometimes called) can be a lifesaver.  As babies grow and begin to explore they want to be entertained and, as much as we love them, we just can’t hold them all of the time.  This is when a baby activity center can come in very handy.  Unfortunately, these baby gadgets also tend to be bulky and awkward.



At my house we have this kind of baby saucer and I have often wished that it was easier to take from room to room or to bring with us when we are out of town.  It would be so nice to be able to set up the activity center in whatever area of the house we are in and then quickly move it elsewhere if I need a hands-free moment in another room.  The Go-Pod gives parents this freedom with a portable version of the traditional baby activity center. 



The Go-Pod isn’t as fancy as a lot of the regular saucers on the market, but it performs the basic function of keeping the baby stationary and safe.  It also has Velcro loops to hold toys and cup and snack pockets to keep baby entertained.  Even better, it is only 6.5”x6.5”x29.5” when folded down so it can be packed around quite easily and it it has four different height positions so it can be adjusted as the baby grows.




I think it would be great to have around a small house or apartment because it could be closed down when not in use.  Also, when you are travelling you could bring it along to have at relatives’ houses or in a hotel.  The included floor mat will keep you from having to worry about putting your baby down on a dirty floor whenever that is an issue.  You can get the Go-Pod here.

Source: Kidco.com 

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