Gordon Murray Releases Information about New T.27 Electric City Car

With the gasoline powered T.25 City Car about to hit the market in full force, quite a few people were asking what would be the next vehicle to come from the famed automotive designer. They didn't have to wait long however, as Mr. Murray has released information about his next generation T.27 city car.

T.27 Technical SpecificationsT.27 Technical Specifications

The T.25 and T.27 are built on the same platform, and will share many of the same components. This will not only keep costs down for both the manufacturers and consumers, but will also help when it comes time for replacement parts.

Like the T.25, the T.27 features a three-seat layout with the driver positioned in front of and between the two passengers. The vehicle measures in at just shy of 8 feet long and 4 feet-4 inches wide, meaning about three of them can find into a single parking space if situated perpendicular to the curb.

T.27 Drivetrain DiagramT.27 Drivetrain Diagram

A 25 kilowatt electric motor powers the rear wheels and draws electrons from a 12 kilowatt/hour batter pack hidden beneath the seats. Current estimates put the single charge range of the T.27 at about 80 to 100 miles.

The first working prototype is expected to be running by April of next year.

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Apr 27, 2011
by meggy

I am excited about the new

I am excited about the new release already. When should we expect the new model and are there any speculations related to the price? I'd really love a last generation electric car, I think I could handle it since we have already electric chargers in the city. I've already set my eyes on car insurance, they have pretty good quotes and that would help a lot.

Jun 25, 2011
by Anonymous

Small Radiator

I'm just wondering if small radiators like the one in that car is enough to keep the engine cool and prevent it from overheating and seizing. Well, if not then that car would often overheat.