Nature Finds a Home Inside With Gore Designs

Based out of Tempe, Arizona, Gore Design Company has been around for a few years, and since its inception has grown from a one-man act to a small team of devoted visionaries, specializing in custom concrete surfaces and interiors.

time keeps on slipping...time keeps on slipping...

Its renowned "Erosion Sink" evokes an almost tangible feeling of time passing, formed by the endlessly dripping faucet hovering above what may have once been a perfectly flat slab. Other products include fireplaces, countertops and custom pieces whose natural habitats seem most fitting under a vast array of stars or in some other natural landscape. They're like souvenirs from the great outdoors, brought inside to commune with in an intimate space.

This small design team proclaims to be at the forefront of an "eco-conscious concrete [r]evolution," utilizing the most ecologically sound practices while employing recycled, sustainable components. The material they use is actually a type of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), which is a green alternative to traditional, steel-reinforced concrete, and is also lighter and more easily molded.

"Curved Island""Curved Island"


Other ways they stay green? By shirking the industry standard of water-polishing their pieces and instead using a dry technique, they reduce water usage by an average of 600 gallons per project. Nor do they use any plastics, heavy metals or chemical finishes, and to top it off, their pigments are derived from natural sources. Pretty nifty.



Erosion rock sinkErosion rock sink

The big news is that in 2008 they are offering up their eco-friendly, sustainable secrets in a series of four workshops to an elite few, so if you're interested you might want to jump on that train and head on down to their concrete jungle.

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