Gory Gourmet: Zombie Food Truck Serves Braaaaiiinnss

Zombie food trucks are a trendy concept. Most American cities have one, playing on people's love forGory GourmetGory Gourmet all things undead. While a zombie food truck is a unique concept in itself, when a business trend is overused, it takes away from the innovation. Standing out from the pack therefore needs a super creative approach to something that already falls into the realm of imagination.

Gory Gourmet food truck, located in the UK, does successfully take the zombie thing to the next level. Beyond simply naming their culinary offerings so they remain on theme, this eatery allows customers to sample a delicacy that zombies happen to prefer (brrraaaiinnnss, obviously)!

The pop-up shop was introduced in 2012 to coincide with the release of The Walking Dead on DVD, but it certainly sets the standard for others capitalizing on the zombie trend. The brain food isn't just designed to look like that essential part of the human anatomy, it actually does contain brain.

Gory Gourmet MenuGory Gourmet Menu

Of course, the recipes don't include human brains - we're not really zombies, and most of us aren't cannibals. But, for those that are adventurous about what they put in their mouths and want to experience the next best thing, Gory Gourmet serves cow brains among other unusual foods. They've got the Big Brain Burger, Crispy Brain Dippers, and Brain Salad Wraps. Plus some brainless food - but don't expect that these items will be any easier to stomach since the side dishes are things like Feet and Thyroid Nuggets, and Brain Skewers. 

Sadly, Gory Gourmet isn't a permanent fixture on London streets, but it certainly could be the inspiration for others looking to put their thinking caps on to create a unique zombie food truck that will make people lose their minds. Or at least snack on a few (brrraaaiinnnsss)!

Via: Oddity Central