GoSun Stove: Bring It Anywhere And Cook Just About Anything Under The Sun

Take The GoSun Stove AnywhereTake The GoSun Stove Anywhere

How would you like to have a hot meal anywhere you go? On a picnic, in the backyard, camping, on a hike? With the GoSun Stove, you can cook anything under the sun, literally. Anywhere there is sunlight, the GoSun Stove can harness that energy and cook a meal. 

The GoSun stove utilizes parabolic reflectors and heat proof borosilicate glass to harness sunlight and cook in even the most challenging conditions. Even if it's cloudy outside, the GoSun stove can cook your food. 

GoSun Stove Solar CookerGoSun Stove Solar Cooker

Designed to capture sunlight from a wide range of angles, the GoSun Stove doesn't have to be constantly adjusted and readjusted to work properly. This and the evacuated glass tube, which is a near perfect insulator (converting 80% of the sun's rays to heat), are what allow you to cook, even on a cloudy day. 

The GoSun Stove is therefore the lowest maintenance fuel free cooking device yet. It reaches temperatures up to 550 Fahrenheit and can cook a meal in under 20 minutes.

Cook Just About Anything In The GoSun StoveCook Just About Anything In The GoSun Stove

The GoSun stove can cook just about anything from vegetables to muffins. You can steam, bake, fry, roast and broil anything that will fit in the tube. Want a hot dog? Four hot dogs will heat up in about 10 minutes. Scrambled eggs? All you need is 20 minutes. 

This solar cooker is also very safe, so safe that you can move it while it's cooking. The outside of the stove is safe to touchs, even while cooking. This just goes to show how well insulated the cooker is. 

GoSun StoveGoSun Stove

The GoSun Stove can also boil water. This little device can hold up to 3 pounds of food and cook up to 12 hot dogs. That's enough to feed 3-6 people, depending on appetites.

To carry the GoSun Stove, all you do is fold up the reflectors to protect the cooking tube and fold up the legs. The legs become a handle, and since the GoSun Stove is only about 2 feet long and lightweight, it's very portable. 

You can read the reviews and buy it  without sales tax on Amazon here. The GoSun Stove goes for about $270. There is also a Mini GoSun Stove available for about $65.  

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