Got More Money Than Sense? These Solid Gold Next-Gen Consoles Are Just The Ticket For You

Looking for a bit of extra luxury in your gaming life? Want to show your friends and family how much money you have? The Gatti Luxury Lab has a new set of products that might interest you - a pair of gold plated gaming consoles.

Created by the famous Italian jeweler Gatti, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were both revealed at the Middle-Eastern Games14 convention. The former is made from 226 grams of 9 karat yellow gold, while the former is comprised of 220 grams of 9 karat gold. The price for both systems is identical - $13,699.

As far as I know, the Xbox One doesn't come with Kinect - but if you're spending that much on a console, you aren't going to be that concerned with spending a few hundred extra, right? 

"Available to both Xbox and PS4 fans, the high-end materials and exquisite detailing of the gold consoles make it a great collectible item for gamers who love luxury," explained jumbo Electronics head Nadeem Khanzadah. While I'll be the first to admit that the two systems look pretty cool. At the same time, though?

If I'm going to drop that much for a gaming system, I'd rather just pick up a Pure Luxury system. After all, if I'm going to shove my income in everyone's face, why should I be a console peasant? I'd be able to do more with the Pure Luxury than I would with Gatti's designs, no matter how pretty they may be. 

I don't doubt that he'll eventually find a buyer for both systems, though - there's definitely a market for luxury consoles.

As for those of us who don't have 13K to blow on a video game system? A standard-issue Xbox One will run you at $399($489 with Kinect). A PlayStation 4 will set you back $399. 

Via Polygon 

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