Got A Mess On The Floor? Hang It On The Wall!

If your home is so messy you can't walk through it without tripping over the mess, designer Chris Yue has a brilliant idea: hang it on the wall! Not only can you hang your mess, you can make it a work of art....

Chris Yue created Mess Time as a wall design for himself to hang his "partially dirty" clothing -- the clothes that have been worn but are not ready for the wash.


What a fabulous idea! Personally, I don't like to hang up worn clothing back in the closet with my clean clothes... and a hamper would surely mean wrinkles and perhaps some odor... so a way station like the Mess Time would work really well for the clothing that seems to end up on the floor!

Of course, Mess Time can be used to hang many things that you just don't know what to do with when you're in a hurry. Your earphones, telephone, cat toys, shoes, newspapers... Mess Time is modular, so you can hang its parts any way you like, wherever you like. My kitchen table is the catch-all for everything I enter the house with... I can use the Mess Time in the entrance hall and hang the "stuff" up before I get to the kitchen!

Chris Yue displays his work in greater detail on his website. Pay it a visit; it may give you some ideas for your own Mess Time, until Yue's is widely available.

The neatest part about this 3-D wall design is that you can place the modules as close or as far apart as you want them and arrange them any pattern, so if one day you change your lifestyle (aka clean up your mess), Mess Time looks great naked!

If you like this work, you can give the Chris Yue a nod by voting for it here at the NOISE Festival's October Showcase.

via MoCo Loco

Jul 4, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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Mess on wall


Why not on the wall? It's as good a place as any to hang a mess!

Good post!

Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff