Got Allergies? Stick a Filter Up Your Nose

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been allergic to polluted air. Leave me breathing fumes for a few hours and I’ll be suffering from constant cough and cold for the whole month—no kidding. While my doctor keeps prescribing me medicine, Bio International Japan concentrates on physically blocking the allergens out. As some might know, it isn’t deemed as strange in Japan to go around wearing face masks if you want to, but thankfully, Bio International has a better alternative. As you might have guessed from the pictures, the device in question is meant to be stuck up one’s nostrils. Not quite as appealing when said out loud, but it actually makes for quite a discreet anti-allergen gadget.

Called the Nose Mask Pit , said U-shaped device is equipped with filters which are the ones responsible for its functionality. The filters, of course, come in various sizes, with the recommendation to get a size slightly larger than the girth of your nostrils for it to be a snug fit. Now, before anyone reacts that reusing the stuff is unsanitary, the device actually comes with a set of filters so you can change them when you need it. It’ definitely not as obvious as a face mask and it seems to be a sensible tool, but walking around with something stuck up my nose isn’t my thing, so I think I’ll stick to medicine, thank you very much. Anyone interested though can check it out for sale at the Bio International web site for approximately $14.

UPDATE: This product is now available at Amazon here and other retailers. 

Source: DVICE

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