Got an Empty Tin Can? Want a Robot?

I've been known to build up quite the collection of cans over a weekend-particularly a holiday weekend, where friends and family congregate for extended festivities that can degenerate into imbibing contests. The overall favorite games involved are "One Up, Two Down," "Camping," and the staple of any gathering of this nature, "Quarters."

While these activities can make for quite a harsh morning wakeup, the resulting debris (primarily the aforementioned cans) can be shocking. And though crushing the cans is fun, the crackling sound that the aluminum makes as you stomp them into disks can rattle the already hung-over noggin.

But Toysmith has come up with something much more engaging-and mercifully less loud: The Tin Can Robot Kit.

And while I've angled this article more toward my own personal beverage tastes, any twelve-ounce can will do. This little toy is a great educational tool where recycling is concerned. Using the Tin Can Robot Kit, you can actually teach your kids about recycling without them even realizing that they're learning about "going Green." And they get a cool robot at the end of the process!

I dunno about you, but I think that's quite a payoff.

The kit comes with a detailed set of instructions that will walk you through the building process. You can make a crazy looking robot or a variant that is more monster-like. The bug-eyes, zany arms, wheels, motor, and other parts are all included in the kit-you supply the can. The finished robot runs on one AA battery (not included).

This cool little item is available at Amazon. I want one. Feel free to e-mail me if you feel so inclined as to buy me a Christmas gift. I have plenty of cans around... enough to build an army of these little guys.

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