10 Fun Ads That Only Foot Lovers Would Love

I'm just gonna state this up front: In general, I find feet to be gross.  Sure, there are some pretty feet out there... nice, smooth, manicured.  Then there are feet like mine.  I'm not even going to post a picture of these things.  Let's just say that it looks like I'm growing an extra toe out of each foot.  Yuck.

With that little caveat out of the way, I'm now proud to post some innovative examples of ads focused on using feet as a marketing technique.


Foot Ad #1: Pony

We're number one!We're number one!

This ad for Pony sneakers is pretty cool.  I wish I could get my foot to do that...  I would be able to flick off jerk-wads without them even knowing.


Foot Ad #2: Sony PSP

If you could manipulate your feet to flick a bird, then you wouldn't be too far away from being able to sign for the deaf, as indicated in the ad above.

What this has to do with the Sony PSP is beyond me.  I have one, and I've never needed to communicate with the deaf in order to play it...


Foot Ad #3: ID Shoes


I'm not sure I understand the concept.  I assume it has to do with sculpting a perfect shoe... for your foot-face.

At least it wouldn't hurt as much if you tripped in a parking lot.  You could just flex your... face, and bounce right back up.


Foot Ad #4: Birno Stock House

With the high cost of quality shoes these days, maybe prayer is the ticket.