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10 Fun Ads That Only Foot Lovers Would Love

Foot Ad #5: Anlene Actifit

I think I'd need a straw.I think I'd need a straw.

Of course, you have to be careful what you pray for.  She was going for sexy stilettos.  Instead she got a power drink that you have to grip precariously between your toes.


Foot Ad #6: Havaianas Slim

I like everything about this ad.  It simply states that Havaianas Slim sandals are eye-catching.  Even the ad copy is clever:
"If he praises your eyes, he's thinking about your breasts.
"If he praises your smile, he's thinking about your breasts.
"If he praises your Havaianas, either the guy has a foot fetish or he's thinking about your breasts."


Foot Ad #7: Brastemp Refrigerators

This is a great example of an ad that blatantly goes after people with a foot fetish.  What do feet have to do with a refrigerator?  Not much, unless your in a morgue.