Got A Great Idea? Get Donald Trump To Fund It


Pebble smartwatch: image via wikipedia.comPebble smartwatch: image via wikipedia.comDonald Trump is doing something besides firing you these days.  In fact, it's a lot more, like $1 million more, to the first person with an invention, creation, business, design, food... in fact any idea at all that brings in a certain goal on FundAnything, a new crowdsourcing website.  The goal...  Well, it's a bit high, but we know it's achievable...

... because the Pebble watch did it already.  Right, Pebble already set the record for the most money every raised through crowdsourcing, $10,266,845 (in only one month!).  All you have to do is break that record (in five months from now), and Donald Trump will give you $1 million of his own money.  Just think of the publicity, the glory you'll attract to your creation! The money.

Now, the rules are a bit more specific than I have alleged so far.  You not only have to break Pebbles record set on Kickstarter in May, 2012, but your campaign has to be for a novel idea, a marketable one, and the money must be raised through FundAnything by March 16. 2014.  You also have to bring the idea to fruition - That's right. Make it happen! - by April 16, 2015.  And you have to make good on all of your campaign promises.  (Remember: You're an inventor, not a politician.)

Donald Trump offers a $1 million reward: image via fundanything.comDonald Trump offers a $1 million reward: image via fundanything.comThough FundAnything is open to anyone needing to raise money for practically anything, including personal things like a medical procedure, Trump and his partner in the FundAnything venture, Bill Zanker, are really looking for entrepreneur winners.  They want the next Steve Jobs or, really, they want the next Apple.

Trump says, “If you have a great idea, FundAnything is one of the best ways to raise money that I’ve ever seen,” So I’m giving away $1 million to the first person who raises more than the (amount) that Pebble Watch raised on Kickstarter. I want the whole world to know how fast and easy it is to raise money this way.”

Oh, if you happen to raise money through FundAnything, you'll be paying about five percent of your take in fees to FundAnything and another three percent for payment processing fees.

Checkout FundAnything and Donald Trump's $1 million Contest.



Oct 28, 2013
by Anonymous

Oh, but I want that 5% and

Oh, but I want that 5% and 3% processing fee too, crooks.

Nov 19, 2013
by Anonymous

crooks?! for 5% and 3%?!

crooks?! for 5% and 3%?! lol

I doubt you will get off that easy :)