Got A Great Idea For An Outdoors Product? Pitch It To Earnhardt Outdoors!

Earnhardt Outdoors is looking for family friendly products that will be used to pull everyone together to get the most from the great outdoors. Is your rugged product tough enough for Earnhardt Outdoors to invest it?


You have from now until September 9th, 2013 to pitch your product to Earnhardt Outdoors for a chance to have your invention developed, refined and marketed under the company name. They are looking for items that entire families can enjoy while hunting, hiking, camping, riding horses, having playtime with the pets, fishing, canoeing, traveling, or sharpening their photography skills. There may be multiple winners, and each invention picked to join the Earnhardt Outdoors family will receive at least $2,500 advance on 20 year percentage of sales, or a buyout of your product.


If you have an awesome outdoors product in the works, you will need to register an account at, pay the $25 submission fee and complete your product submission form to enter the competition. Keep in mind that your product will stand a much better chance of catching the judge’s eyes if you include plenty of product images, conceptual artwork, a demonstration video and by writing out your story, as well as the inspiration behind your submission.


Click here to submit your invention and learn all of the details behind Earnhardt Outdoors’ search for excellent outdoors and lifestyle products. Don’t forget to check out the Kerry Earnhardt website for more information about him, as well as his developing Earnhardt Outdoors brand. Good luck!