Got a Green Thumb? Grow Plants and Zombies in the Zombie Farm iPod Game

We've all tried planting seedlings that eventually grew into zombie-killing plants, so why not switch things up and try planting zombies for a change?

Build your farm of plants and grow an army of zombies in the Zombie Farm video game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This game is on a whole new level in the farming simulation genre that will have you checking in on your farm every few hours or so every day.

The Game

The main premise of Zombie Farm is to plant normal crops like carrots, tomatoes, and potatoes to earn gold and grow zombies for your invasions. You start out with six patches of soil, 1000 gold, and a limited selection of plants and zombies to choose from in the market which will eventually stock up as you level up in the game.

Planting crops requires gold and each plant will require a certain amount of time to grow before it can be harvested. Some grow fast like the carrots which only need 15 minutes while others like lima beans can take up to 1 day. Those that take a longer time to mature are worth more when you sell them but it also means having fewer plots of land to work with in the meantime.

You can start planting zombies once you've earned enough gold to do so. The goal is to have eight to sixteen fully-grown zombies roaming your farm so you can start staging invasions. You can only invade Old McDonnell's Farm at first but other locations will be unlocked as you level up. Winning invasions gets you some gold, loot, and the occasional brain.

Brains are important in Zombie Farm because you can purchase some functional items or upgrades from the market that your gold can't. You can also make an in-app purchase to buy some brains, but where's the challenge in that?

The more invasions you win, the more gold and loot you get. The more plants and zombies you harvest, the more XP you will receive and the higher will be your level in the game. Certain plants, zombies, and items can only be purchased once you reach certain levels so a lot of other gameplay options are unlocked once you reach higher levels. You will eventually be able to mutate zombies to have plant-like characteristics and combine two of them to come up with a more powerful version of the original.

Of course, Zombie Farm isn't just about farming and invading. You can also get a bit creative while you wait in between invasions by decorating your farm to make it a prettier sight to behold.

The Good

The Zombie Farm video game is fun, quirky, and addictive. It has all the elements of a great simulation game: a unique concept, relatively simple gameplay, and timely updates. There are many upgrades that you can buy by just using the gold you earn in the game so there's really no sense in having to spend real dollars in order to get brains or upgrades if you plow those fields like a hardworking farmer.

The Bad

There isn't a whole lot of negative things that I can say about Zombie Farm. The impatient player might want to speed through certain aspects that require you to wait, such as the mandatory 2-hour break that your zombies get after an invasion or the time that you have to wait while your plants (or zombies) grow. (But there's actually a boost that you can purchase, Insta-grow, that gets rid of this waiting time and makes your plants grow to maturity instantly.)

The Verdict

Zombie Farm would definitely be a great game to have on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You don't really need to spend a whole lot of hours to expand your farm into a massive old one; in fact, you just have to strategize and play a few minutes each day in order to become a farming mogul.

Get Zombie Farm for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store