Got A Hard Pill To Swallow? It's Nothing For The Automatic Pill Grinder

If it's not in a capsule, I won't take it.  Those powdery pills just stick to the back of your tongue and even if you wash them down with a milkshake, they leave a really yucky taste in your mouth.  Forget about pill-splitting; now there's an Automatic Pill Grinder that grinds your pills into powder.


Automatic Pill GrinderAutomatic Pill Grinder


Hospitals break up pills for patients and put them in applesauce.  Patients always taste the pills.  But the Pill Grinder just might work.  A powder can be absorbed much better by a hot cocoa, a side of mashed potatoes, ice cream...  Oh, I could name more treats, but it would just make both of us really hungry.

The Automatic Pill Grinder runs on 3 AAA batteries. It's a little bigger than a smart phone and it grinds up two pills at a time.  Don't use it on slick pills, time release pills, gel caps, or nuts.  Just those stick-to-your-tongue powdery pills.

This is a great gadget for infant and adult medications - even pet pills. You can purchase the Automatic Pill Grinder at Hammacher Schlemmer where a lifetime guarantee is assured.


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Jul 21, 2010
by Anonymous

Could be dangerous

One of the risks of providing such devices is that people might use them imporperly. Many pills have coatings that assist with the timed release of the active ingredient. By crushing such a pill it is possible to negate that quality. Can you spell lawsuit?