Got Issues? Map Them - A New Map Making Tool That Anyone Can Use

Rudyard Kipling once said that an atlas is “the finest picture-book in the world.” And if a picture says a thousand words, that's a mighty fine book.

In the 21st century, books are being superseded some by new technology, much of which is more interactive than your traditional page-turner. But how do you make an atlas more interactive? You feed it the data, of course.

Which is exactly what you can do with IssueMap. This new mapping tool allows you to upload spreadsheets, or copy and paste data, and it then maps the information you've given it. While there must be plenty of applications like this around - judging by the amount of similar maps you can find online - there can't be many that are this simple to use and free.

Even better, any data that is uploaded to IssueMap enters the public domain, so you can share your mapping skills (and information) with the world!

This is a project from the FCC, utilizing the skills of 'visual intelligence' company FortiusOne, who have been doing this kind of thing well for a while now - look at what's possible: