Got Jet Lag? All You Need Is A "Light Shower"

Anyone who flies knows that one of the most difficult parts of air travel is jet lag. Jet lag is a physiological condition created by alterations to the body's circadian rhythm resulting from rapid long-distance travel. Photon Shower Prototype (You Tube Image)Photon Shower Prototype (You Tube Image)Sufferers experience sleep disturbances, cognitive issues, fatigue, headache, and irritability, even indigestion. It can take days to recover from jet lag. Now Delta Airlines has come up with a way to help passengers recover quickly.

The airline has unveiled a photon shower of light. Being bathed in the light can help reset the body's internal clock. The "shower" unit allows the passenger to enter their flight information to customize the shower to meet their individual needs.

The shower was designed by Delta's advertising agency, Wieden & Kennedy New York, and is a result of the neuroscience and sleep research of Dr. Russell Foster of Oxford University. The idea was born after Foster gave a lecture about how light can realign our body clocks. During his talk he mentioned that one day people could be "bathed" in light to help the brain readjust when jet-lagged.

The ad agency put together a presentation and took it to Delta. Once they had received the go-ahead they worked with the London-based production company Nexus to bring the shower to life. It works by creating a light sequence that mimics sunlight. 

Flowing blue animations appear on the LED walls and a synthetic audio based on the wavelength of sunlight is played. Mirrors are used to make the inside feel larger and more expansive than the unit is in actuality.

The shower was unveiled at the TED conference in Long Beach, California last week. Delta hopes to one day offer the showers to their passengers.

Source: Mail Online, Wikipedia

Mar 7, 2013
by Anonymous

Must for Airports & Hotels

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