The "Got Milk?" Ad Campaign Around the World

We have all seen the Got Milk? campaign print ads. In fact, this has to be one of the most successful campaigns of all time.

This campaign has been around for twelve years, when they began placing the now infamous milk mustache on Billy Ray Cyrus, Christie Brinkley, Michael Jordan and Larry King.

And with a 90% consumer recall rate, why not keep going with it?

And of course the newest ad, with Sara Ramirez of Grey's Anatomy.

But have you seen what else Got Milk?and other promoters of our calcium intake are capable of, on top of our favorite milk mustache?

1) United States

How about this bus shelter advertising? When you walk in to select bus stops in California, it smells of chocolate chip cookies. Who wouldn't say Got Milk?

2) Mexico

Or how about these Spanish language commercials where Got Milk? is featuring the health benefits of drinking milk.

3) Switzerland

Then there is the outdoor advertising campaign seen by the Swiss This one by Milk Gives Strong Bones...again no milk mustache included.

4) Germany

This German ad for milk uses the tongue and not the mustache.

5) Canada

This Canadian billboard is promoting "One glass of milk is good, but two are better."

6) India

How about this ad from Mother Dairy. A surprising site from inside a milk shop in Delhi, India.

7) Australia

This one's pretty recognizable. Check out this tv commercial from Dairy Australia.

8) South Africa

Here's an ad that will scare you into drinking milk. This ad for a South African brand of milk. Let's see, a guy gets stuck in bear trap; guy tries to free himself by sawing off foot; guy fails to saw off foot due to incredibly strong, milk-fortified bones; guy dies and rots. That is really what the ad was about.

9) Brasil

No mustache in Brasil.? The ad here is that "Milk Drinkers Grow Taller"?

Personally, I love the Got Milk? milk mustache campaigns and hope they continue on for years to come. They can target everyone by constantly changing the celebrity. From the Rugrats to Steven Tyler to Kelly Clarkston, then there was Sarena Williams, Lord of the Rings and Meredith Vieira.

What do you think of the milk mustache ads? Do you like other milk advertising better?

Could the milk mustache go global?

Do you know of any other milk advertising or promotion that works?

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Jul 17, 2007
by Carl (not verified)

Got Milk

If Got Milk is a good milk ad and a good ad for other advertising, why is the US dairy industry dropping the Got Milk ad? What are they going to spen their producer advertising money on?

Jul 25, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


All that milk apparently did nothing for his panty line.

Jul 31, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Wow, the one for south

Wow, the one for south africa is pretty scary! they shouldn't that... but there are some which are quite interesting, I like the ones for India, Canada, Sweetzerland and Australia.

Nov 27, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

The End of the Got Milk? Era

Most of the US dairy industry (excluding California) is part of the Dairy Checkoff, which takes a certain percentage of a dairy farmer's milk check and uses it for promotional things, such as Got Milk? ads. And even though these ads have been very successful the Checkoff is trying to keep up with the trends of life today. So, instead of spending most of the Checkoff dollars for Got Milk?, there are newer campaigns such as 3-A-Day Dairy and the most recent campaign, People Behind the Product. PBP helps consumers realize where their product comes from and shows them that dairy producers do care about providing a wholesome product. I know I seem to be rambling but I just happen to run across this article and thought I would for lack of better words, set the record straight. Feel free to contact me if you like more info about the Dairy Checkoff or other facts about the dairy industry.

source: Spent all 18 years of my life on the family dairy farm, County dairy princess

Feb 2, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

The Got Milk Campaign has

The Got Milk Campaign has nothing to do with Milk. It was from Monsanto, Because the rGBH growth Hormone, caused an oversuppluy of Milk. This Poison that is in ,most US milk is banned in all other countries. It is illegal in the US to label milk GM.

Feb 24, 2008
by Jonathan (not verified)

Back around 1995 or 1996,

Back around 1995 or 1996, here in the USA there was a particular radio spot for the "Got Milk?" ad campaign, which was positively hilarious, and I've been unable to find it online. Perhaps someone knows where it is? The gist of it is this... it was a guy who was stranded on a deserted island, and presumably he was making a daily or weekly log of the events that took place. Like, for instance, the radio spot would go something like this: "Day 12. Crate full of powdered donuts washes ashore. Aside from strong desire for milk, am otherwise in good spirits" ...then the tone of the narrator (the guy who is stranded on the island) grows increasingly more agitated as the commercial continues... "Day 25. Large carton of chocolate fudge brownies washes ashore." Then at the end, he says something like this, which is the punch line, and is absolutely hilarious... "Day 31. On the horizon, I see what appears to be a large carton of milk floating toward me. However, as it draws nearer, I realize that it is only a life boat. Furious, I throw rocks at it until it is sunk." And then that's the end, and the famous main guy comes on and says "Got Milk?" ...and it was positively hilarious. I'd love to be able to find this audio somewhere for this commercial. In case anyone knows, please email me. Thank you. nationaljoe-at-hotmail-dot-com

Mar 21, 2008
by Anonymous

I need to know

I need to know who to reach about maybe placeing an Ad with Our Siamise Cat
Vito he'd mak a great Ad...... Thank you Carla

May 16, 2008
by Anonymous

Sales failure

Got milk is popular but it has not met its goal of increasing sales.

Jun 19, 2008
by Anonymous

"milk makes you grow

"milk makes you grow taller", probably because of the growth hormones they give the cows.

Nov 11, 2008
by Anonymous

Milk makes you grow taller

... and fatter, and brings adolescent girls their period, and boys a deeper voice and armpit hair three years earlier than decades ago. Good shit. NOT!

Feb 7, 2009
by Anonymous

read real studies

Milk does NOT do a body good. It DOES NOT help your bones become stronger. Milk is meant for babies.... baby cows to be exact. SICK! SICK! SICK!!!!!

PLEASE read people. Dairy is not meant for human consumption. It is all a advertising/marketing ploy... *note* see above :)