Got Sheilas’ (W)heels?

If you are a woman and drive in the UK, Sheilas' Wheels gots your back or rather your foot covered. Sheilas' Wheels is a car insurance company that caters to women's specific car insurance needs. Sheilas' Wheels has even gone as far as inventing a shoe that goes from flat to high heel and vise versa at the push of a button, all in the sake of safe driving.

According to new research conducted by Sheilas' Wheels, "More than 11.5 million* women drivers in the UK are putting themselves and other drivers at risk by wearing the wrong footwear when behind the wheel". Examples of wrong footwear are: high heels, slippery shoes and flip flops.

The Sheilas' Heels is suppose to provide women with a safe flat shoe to wear while driving and a fashionable shoe to wear as soon as they step out of their vehicle. It might seem a little materialistic at first, perhaps it is, but "The ‘Safe Shoes' report shows that a massive 80% of female drivers wear inappropriate footwear when in control of a car - choosing style over safety".

If you're thinking, "Well, why not just go barefoot?" it turns out driving barefoot is hazardous and in some parts of the UK it is even illegal to drive barefoot according to the Sheilas' Wheels website. Shocking? It's shocking news to me too, considering that I've driven barefoot on numerous occasions. I wonder how a person would be charged when caught, "driving under the influence of barefoot" or "driving without being under the influence of shoes." It could go either way I guess.

Read about shoe driving dangers and driving barefoot Wikipedia facts.

Sheilas' Heel via College Candy.

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Jul 19, 2007
by Anonymous Sue Baru (not verified)

Hazard Heel?

I could see the wearer thinking the heel is collapsed and secured, only  to have a the sagging heel (when going from brake to gas pedal) encompass the gas pedal and make her lose control and wreck--like through a storefront or crowd of people.

STUPID invention.  Keep a comfortable spare pair of shoes in your vehicle.....