Got Some Killer Ideas? Jot Them All Down On The iPad Dry Erase Board

I have a whole stack of scratch papers on the right side of my desk, which I use to quickly scrawl down ideas, to-do lists, plans, and almost everything else that crosses through my mind that might be a potential zinger. After all, all it takes is just one great idea, right?

I haven't been struck with the perfect epiphany yet although one great tool to have around when it does will probably be UI Stencil's iPad Dry Erase Board.

I'm sure a lot of you already know what a dry erase board is, but for those who don't, it's basically a whiteboard where you write (or doodle or draw) whatever you want to on it using pens with special ink. When you're done or if you've got newer, fresher ideas, simply wipe the whole thing with a rag or tissue to get started on the entire process once again.

The iPad Dry Erase board by UI Stencils comes with two dry erase markers in colors black and red, an interaction key, and UI Stencils stickers.

You can get the entire set for $24.95 from UI Stencils: here.