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With swine flu giving the world the willies about traveling, hand washing, and even breathing, it would be great to have an up-to-date referrence as to what the situation is around the world.  If you've been following the media's coverage of the pandemic, you get blasted every day with a dose of fear that can only be good for ratings.  Why not see how things are really shaping up?

Though no one can deny the implications of a virus that spreads as quickly as H1N1 (the technical name for today's strain of swine flu), it's hard to get a clear idea of what the real danger level is out there. puts a simple Google Map of the infections to use with a world-wide map that plots out each area of the world that is experiencing the spread of the virus.

The plotted points show up as green, yellow, and red, with green being the lowest threat and red being the highest.  When you click on a given location, you're presented with stats on what that location is experiencing in terms of confirmed cases, suspected cases, and the number of quarantined individuals.  Zoom in to see more specific areas with the same stats. also offers stat charts by the regions of USA and Europe, summary of statistics on the pandemic to date, and a newsletter for those who want to know about swine flu news as soon as it breaks.  Thankfully, if you assess the statistics given from this comprehensive database, you'll find that the threat of swine flu is not nearly as scary as it's made out to be in some media outlets.  Take a look, and wash your hands, and stay healthy until it all blows over.  Let us know your thoughts on the swine flu pandemic in the comments.

May 5, 2009
by Austin Keenan
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Thanks for reading, guys. 

Thanks for reading, guys.  I hope more people can get their minds around the real idea of "swine flu" by looking at resources like this.

Austin Keenan
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May 6, 2009
by Anonymous

cool cool this is weird but

cool cool this is weird but i dont really understand anyways good jop