Got Wine? Let It Flow™

Real elegance exists in simplicity, and the simply elegant design in this photo is a perfect example. It's called the Flow™ and its sensuous path was inspired by the flow of liquid. Add function to the Flow, and mysteriously, it becomes a rather elegant wine rack for the wall!

Designers Dan Black and Martin Blum of London's Black and Blum put another design feather in their common hat, with the Flow wall wine rack. It's a modern functional sculpture that's space-saving and easy to mount. There's even an ecological element that enters with the packaging: the Flow's formed corrugated box can be transformed into two extra wine racks! Yes, they're only corrugated board, but they'll do in a pinch as wine racks, and you can store them out of sight if you like.

The Flow is made of a delicate brushed steel, less than a tenth of an inch thick. It is approximately 21.5 inches high, a bit more than 3 inches wide, and less than 2 inches deep. With or without wine bottles stacked in its sockets, the Flow will surely attract attention from your guests.

Great for apartment living or as an upstairs parking space on the way to your table from the wine cellar, the Flow wall wine rack, including hardware and functional packaging, is $48 from Pure Design. The Flow stores 8 bottles of wine... on your wall.


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