Goth Energy Potions: Mammal & Vampire Blood

Vampires don't usually get caffeine with their blood unless their victims are really wired.  But one company has seen to it that whether you crave human or vampire blood, you can also fix your caffeine cravings.

That company, of course, is Think Geek, which manages to create or attract the very weirdest of products to its sick and twisted website.  And the blood... well, here is the first offering:


Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion

We all need blood to survive and I think we all need caffeine to survive, as well.  So the (Mammal) Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion (Type B, Rh positive) is a drink that will keep any bloodsucker happy.  Oh it's got the same consistency, color, and nutrients of real blood, but it's got some extra iron, protein, and electrolytes in it plus a whopping 80mg of caffeine.  Your Blood Potion comes in its own transfusion bag (IV drip is extra).


Blood Energy PotionBlood Energy Potion


Blood Energy PotionBlood Energy Potion



Zombie Blood Energy Potion

Pretend it's Spock's blood.  Oh, he was a Vulcan, that's right.  But Zombies and Vulcans both have green blood, so... whatever!  Don't worry, the Zombie blood was filtered before packaging so you'll be sure not to pick up any mutagens or viruses.  Just like the (mammal) Blood above, the Zombie Blood Energy Potion is packed with caffeine, enough to get you to the Enterprise all by yourself.


Zombie Blood Energy PotionZombie Blood Energy Potion 


 Zombie Blood Energy PotionZombie Blood Energy Potion


Actually, these Bloods taste pretty good....


Jul 13, 2010
by Anonymous


u r crazy people