GottaTinkle Female Urination Device, A Girl's Gotta Go

The GottaTinkle Female Urination Device is your solution to dirty bathrooms, porta potties or no potty at all. It gives women and girls the ability to pee anytime, anywhere, and like a lady. Like a lady who is peeing into a baggie attached to a piece of plastic.

Before continuing, let’s state the obvious. There is a whole lot of ridiculousness happening here. Seriously. Why would I buy something that holds a baggie so I can pee into it? Then I fondly remembered my days as a rugby player. Talk about ridiculousness. Public nudity and urination were the norm, not the exception.

And then I thought about my recent trip to Florida with my family, and my daughter’s need to pee in a parking garage while I installed three car seats into a rental van and my partner tried to calm two nap-deprived toddlers.

The GottaTinkle didn’t seem so ridiculous anymore. Using a GottaTinkle would have been classier than peeing in a median while stuck in highway traffic on the way home from a rugby road trip. And it would have saved some anxiety and time had my daughter been able to use a GottaTinkle behind a cement pillar instead of being rushed to find a bathroom in a crowded airport.

So there it is. I would use one. If you have thought of your own reasons for using a GottaTinkle, here are some more details. The Travel Kit includes one hand-held GottaTinkle device, three disposable bags, and a carrying case to discreetly take it anywhere you go. The image of the girl crossing her legs on the case does take away from the discretion, however. Carrying cases come in charcoal, pink, teal, or white.

GottaTinkle is small and slim enough to fit into your pocket, purse, or backpack. And keep one in the car glove compartment. You’ll need a few Ziploc baggies too. Simply slip a baggie into the device, fold the baggie over the plastic, squat and pee. The urine can then be dumped down a toilet or onto grass. Throw the baggie away or re-use it. Feel bad about wasting plastic? There are compostable BioBags on the market that would ease your conscience.

When the urge hits, but the desire to pee behind a bush is muted by the risk of poison ivy or dripping urine, GottaTinkle is a convenient alternative. If your child has to pee and your only option is a dirty gas station bathroom and the risk of tetanus, GottaTinkle is your sanitary solution. Driving a van full of drunk rugby players and don’t want to stop 15 times to let someone pee? Throw them a GottaTinkle Travel Kit and have someone take pictures. And remind them to close the bag tightly. Leaking urine is not ladylike.

The makers of GottaTinkle also point out that one device can be used by many people. Since a baggie covers the plastic, the GottaTinkle does not touch your body, is protected from any urine spray, and does not need to be cleaned after each use.

A GottaTinkle Female Urination Device may seem absolutely ridiculous, but sometimes a girl’s gotta go. And why not pee into a baggie on a stick?

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