GPS Tools Revolutionizing The Way We Play Golf

Have you ever found yourself standing at your ball without any yardage marker in sight. Now you have to take the shot on a vague guess that you think might be right. Then your ball either comes up short or flies over the green. This is because the eye is not trained to figure out distance to an accurate enough measurement.

SkyCaddie SG5SkyCaddie SG5With the Golf GPS from either SkyCaddie or GolfLogiX , you can be certain that you have the right distance. Not only does the yardage say to the middle of the green, similar to the sprinkler heads in the fairway, but also the front and back of the green as well as hazards.

Personally, I don’t own either of these products, but I do have an iPhone 3G version that, if you have the iPhone 3G, is a cheaper solution. It’s called GreenFinder and costs $34.95 as opposed to $249.95 for the cheapest SkyCaddie. My advice would be to go for GreenFinder on the iPhone 3G.

It’s very important in your golf game for you to understand how far you can hit each club. Most amateurs don’t embrace this part of the game. If you watch the pro’s they, 9 out of 10 times, will hit the green on their approach. And its not because they know how to guess distances and work their arms to adjust for distance. It’s because their caddie walks the course and knows the exact distance that the player is shooting from and the player has a club that would best suit that distance. That’s it. That’s how they do it. The everyday player needs to embrace this.

Of course the average player doesn’t have the option to receive a caddie that knows all the distances, but with a golf GPS product you can always be certain you know how far the green is. The rest is up to you.

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