GPSports Tracking Device: It's a Bra; It's a Bro; It's Wearable Tech!


Where did the idea of a man bra come from?


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Who could blame you if echoes of the 1995 Sienfeld episode in which  a "bro" was introduced linger in your mind at the sound of the words, "man bra?" The idea is still a questionable vision subject to inquiry in high (and even low) society. The dynamic edge of wearable technology, however, flows like a wave, oblivious to ridicule and reminiscent of the  lyric from an old Gershwin tune: "They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round. They all laughed when Edison discovered sound..."

The man bra and tracking and analysis technologies


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According to the GPSports website, whose tagline is: globally positioning sports since 2001, there is little doubt that the tracking and analysis technologies being incorporated into the "man bras" they sell for $2,000 apiece have drastically altered the parameters of sports programming. The tank-type tops are designed to keep the high tech athlete-monitoring device in place, which is vital in helping athletes manage their time and prepare themselves for a game. It allows for weekly planning directed at speed, power and game-specfic programming and activities.


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Fans at the recent Rugby match between New South Wales and Queensland got quite a surprise when half-back, Trent  Hodkinson, whipped off his shirt during the game and revealed a tight, black tank top resembling a sports bra. In the words of Damien Hawes, international sales manager for GPSports: "The vest holds a small player-tracking unit that's worn really tight under the jersey to quantify the demands of the game, and that data is used as a benchmark for training and to dictate recovery protocols."

This compression vest is the second tracking device employed, as the first one was a harness with straps that caused irritation and chafing under armpits. The new design is much more comfortable. Although the primary market for their products lies within the United Kingdom and Australia, GPSports sells the tracking units with accompanying compression vests to teams all over the globe including the NFL's Seatle Seahawks and the British Premier League's Chelsea Football Club.

What specific benefits do these tracking devices offer athletes?

The tracking and analysis technologies being incorporated into the "man bras" have revolutionized the world of athletes and sports by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individual team players. They serve to maximize performance and minimize injury. Here are some of the benefits:

• Accurately quantifies training load, allowing for objective assessment of player's accomplishments during a single season. This in turn leads to a better estimate of recovery time frames and cycles of training.

• Allows for comparison of individual players  both in training  and during game performance. Information can target strengths and weaknesses and changes that occur at times of low energy.

• Permits the calculaton of work rate and makes it possible to easily compare training drills to game intensity and thereby structure training and educate coaches.

• These tracking devices serve to broaden an understanding of the demands of the game. The abiity to collate data serves to prioritze athletic development, pinpoint limitations and identify  areas for improvement.


Rugby player wearing  GPSport vest: Source:GPSports.comRugby player wearing GPSport vest:


Is the "man bra " here to stay? It would seem so as it has alot to offer both teams and professional athletes. For certain, however, wearable tech has drastically altered the world of sports and athletic achievement.