Grab A Cup Of Joe From The Eco-Friendly Solar Roast Coffee Company

The coffee industry, as a universal role, takes a toll on the environment for any number of reasons that go against sustainability. But that's not what we're talking about here today, instead, I present you an eco-friendly coffee company that allows you to drink that morning cup of joe without the guilt of the environmental consequences.

Solar Roast coffee isn't unique based on the source of the coffee beans or the roast blends that they generate. As the name says, they use solar roasting methods to roast their unique brand of coffee beans. While the sun doesn't actually roast the beans directly, they do use a unique roaster to roast the coffee beans that runs on solar power on bright days.

Solar Roast is owned by 2 entrepreneurs who just so happen to be brothers. Their business didn't start on such a grand scale either; when they came up with the idea of solar roasted coffee, they built a contraption from their parents' satellite dish, mom's broccoli steamer and a series of mirrors.

Solar Roast Coffee has grown into a minor eco-friendly coffee empire, with their custom blends available for retail at many locations in Colorado and around the state. Coffee can also be purchased through their website.