Grabber Offers Air Conditioning For Athletes

Grabber, the manufacturer behind one of the most classic ski accessories of all time: Hand (and Toe) Warmers, recently introduced a product that's the antithesis of what they're famous for. Somewhere along the line, the company must have realized it was missing out on half the market. Hand Warmers are great for when it's cold out, but what about when it's hot? There's really nothing out there--short of diving into an icy cold pool or lake--to keep you cool when the mercury is on the rise. 

So Grabber came up with Magic Cool. Made from a combination of 85 percent polyester and 15 percent polyamide, Magic Cool is essentially a material designed for wrapping around your head or neck and delivering a burst of cool energy It is currently available in bandana and cloth form. Simply wet the material; wring out the excess water; wave it in the air and it automatically cools down. A company rep told me that it cools to a chilly 60 degrees. In effect, you're able to stay a little cooler while you're working out in the blazing heat. If the cloth starts to warm, simply wave it around in the air again, and it will drop temperature. 

Here's how Grabber describes it: "The unique "catch and release" fabric technology and the special chamois finish of the Magic Cool cloth create high absorption, retention and dispersion of water to maintain the cool temperature of the cloth. Magic Cool contains a non-toxic, anti-microbial treatment to reduce odors. Wear on head or around neck for maximum cooling benefits. UPF 50+ rating insures maximum protection from harmful UV rays." 

At Outdoor Retailer, Grabber also had a Magic Cool hat on display. It's not available yet, but should launch within the coming months. You can find Magic Cool bandanas and cloths on Grabber's website starting at $15.  They are also found at Amazon. (Update: Magic Cool Hat is now available.)

I purchased my own Magic Cool bandana; unfortunately it was bright orange with a paisley scheme, but on the plus side, it cost only a nominal donation to the Conservation Alliance. I've taken it out on a couple of 80 to 90-degree trail runs in open bench terrain and so far it's functioned well at keeping me cool (and protecting my shiny, bald head). I think Grabber's really onto something here.  (See Grabber's cool products)

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