Grace Electric Bike Melds Scooter, Motorcycle And Bicycle Into One Expensive Ride


The futuristic piece of aluminum being fondled by the odd little lady donning the hideous sauna suit is the Grace Bike. From first glance, you likely already realize that this isn't your average 10 speed. This two-wheeler is actually an electric scooter/motorcycle that can hit speeds of up to 40 mph.

Crafted with CNC aluminum and a number of Formula 1 parts, the bike is described as the world's first street legal E-motorbike. I'm pretty sure we can't argue with that description. The reason the bike is able to maintain the general profile of a bicyle is that the lithium ion batteries and wiring are all housed neatly in the tubing. Power is applied via two motors: a low speed motor designed for mountainous terrain and a high speed version for urban riding. 

Other specs include a SRAM drivetrain, upside down suspension fork and disc brakes courtesy of Magura. The bike also sports a headlamp and brake light. While the 1,300-watt battery is enough to provide 18 to 31 miles per charge, you can split the difference with some old fashioned pedal power.

Want one? Not so fast--this handmade piece of German craftmanship will run a cool 5,877 Euros (app. $8,800). If that sounds as crazy to you as it does to me, you can still enjoy some video over at Grace's Bike Channel.

Grace via Gizmodo