Gradefund: Corporate Sponsorship For Students Who Get Good Grades!

Last week, I introduced you to Do Good for Debt, an organization that partners individuals with student loans leftover from their educational pursuits with charities that are willing to pay off students' debts in exchange for good deeds. While that may be a helpful way for former students to get back on their feet and start their lives without the burden of financial restraint, there's no denying that it takes away from the philanthropist attitude; so today I will outline another business that helps students overcome the financial repercussions of pursuing a post-secondary education. Gradefund offers a sponsorship-style system, that rewards students for their good grades, that way the better they do, the more corporate sponsors they'll have behind them to pay off their debts before they even have a chance to accumulate.

Gradefund does what they do to provide students the opportunity to pursue their educations, and focus on achieving grade standings without having to worry about the financial repercussions, which may cause them to overburden themselves with stresses while trying to manage an educational workload and a job to help pay the bills. With over 16,000 student members participating in Gradefund's program to date, many of whom are supported by some leading corporations and independent investors; Gradefund is helping students get a stress-free education, provided they maintain their good grades.

In order to join Gradefund's program, students simply need to sign up, upload a transcript from their educational program and wait for the investors to provide sponsorship. Gradefund sponsors can set how much they'd like to provide the students they sponsor for each A or A+ that appears on their school transcripts. Sponsors can also choose to support students who study within a certain discipline, and can select individual students who they'd like to provide financial aid to.

When funds are received from Gradefund's sponsors for good grades, they are either provided to the student or directly to the educational institution to pay the bills, and unlike with Do Good for Debt, students are not being paid for work that should typically be completed by volunteers; they are being sponsored to do only what they've signed up for by studying, working hard, and attending their classes.

May 21, 2009
by Austin Keenan
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Wow!  This is a great

Wow!  This is a great find.  I will definitely look into joining.  Thanks, Beth!

Austin Keenan
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May 25, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand this to these Areas

1. Vocational Education
2. Post Graduate Schools
3. Tech Ed
4. Adult Learning.
5. Passing MENSA Exam.

& Corp Sponsorship can include:

Career Prep.
Voc Testing for Career or Job.


Maybe Unions can kick in some as well IE UAW.

Id love to go to school with GradeFund behind me.

GradeFund should lobby for these:
Modernizing Education
More Wii for say PE class
WiFi on campus
Improve course material
Change school policies
within the Ed Estd System.

Who else will???

& Include MENSA test takers for passing MENSA exam?

IE another Hire source for labor.