Graffomat:Controversial Graffiti Vending Machine That’s Sure To Cause Damage

We all like to support artists and their craft, whether or not we understand it. But some art goes too far, and with that in mind, should businesses really be facilitating something that thinks outside of the legal box? Well, there's one business that thinks so, and it's a really cool, artistic vending machine.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again; we really love vending machines around here. But this one just seems to be asking for trouble. Graffomat comes fully stocked with graffiti supplies, namely, various kinds of spray paint. You just never know when you might find yourself on a street corner, creating the perfect montage, only to run out of red mid-spray.

They might claim they're not encouraging illegal activity, but why else would someone need 24/7 access to spray paint in a dark alley? Oh, just in case they're walking by and remember they're finishing a mural at home that desperately requires vending machine paint? Right.