Grandma’s Reading Glasses Chain Reinvented With A-Morior Sunglasses By Kerin Rose

Reading glasses with attached chains or strings have typically come with the rather geeky, grandma fashion air around them. But, a designer has now recently introduced a contemporary version of this glasses trend, which is all about fashion and very little about function.

 A-Morir Sunglasses by Kerin Rose have a funky chain that is worn around your neck kind of like a necklace, and also adorns the shades themselves. These certainly don't look like your grandma's reading glasses, but they certainly are a bold trend if you're brave enough to rock them.


Via: Highsnobette

Aug 4, 2009
by Anonymous


Re invented---you chose a good line to copy--- thank you, we are complimented!
Mercura nyc (est 1076) is the most creative line in the world as history is confirming---