6 Gadget Gifts Grandparents Will Love

Grammy and Gramps love gadgets as much as you do, but maybe Xbox 360 is not exactly their thing. Knowing a few grandparents myself, I asked some what kind of gadgets they would like as presents from their kids and grandkids. Most of them said, "I'd like them to visit me more often...."

So, then I had to come up with a list that might make your parents and grandparents forget, for just awhile, that you don't visit them as often as they would like.

And the first one I came up with was a massage chair! Not just any massage chair....


Grandparent Gift Idea 1. Prosepra PM110 Massage Chair

I've had my eye on this chair ever since I tried it four or five months ago. Now I've tried roughly 15 massage chairs, and the Prosepra is the only one I would ever consider buying... So pretend I'm your Grandpa and buy it for me. I had this idea that if I was in a massage chair I would work better because I'd feel better. That won't work with this chair. It's so pleasureful, you can't concentrate on anything else.

The Prosepra Massage Chair massages head to toe, truly. You can choose Swedish or Shiatsu and you can localize kneading, percussion, vibration and squeezing with varying intensities. Read more about it on Amazon... and remember ... I'm your grandfather!



Grandparent Gift Idea 2. Anti-Snore Sleep Device

Well, after I fall asleep on my massage chair, I'm going to snore to be sure, and my wife will hear me, find me sleeping on the massage chair, and come and wake me up.

After years of marriage, some couples start sleeping in separate bedrooms because of the severity of their mate's snoring. Snoring can cause more than marital disharmony in the bedroom, however. It can be serious enough to harm your health, particularly, if it leads to a serious interruption in your breathing, known as sleep apnea. (If you snore, you should check this and similar resources to learn if you have the symptoms of sleep apnea, which can only be verified by professionals in the field.)

If a pharyngeal obstruction is the cause of your snoring, the Anti-Snore is intended to correct the positioning of the pharynx during sleep to prevent that obstruction. Snoring gets worse as one gets older, so most seniors, grandpas and grandmas could use this device. The Anit-Snore has some pretty good reviews; check it out here.




Grandparent Gift Idea 3. Keys U See Keyboard

Your grandparents are totally Internet-savvy, but the keyboard that came with their computer is hard to see. The Keys U See keyboard has a big, bold typeface -- same size keys and keyboard, just larger letters and numbers. The keyboard comes in three colors, so check with your grandparent to find out what is easier for her to see: yellow on black, white on black, and black on white. Check out the Keys U See Keyboard here.



Grandparent Gift Idea 4. Emergency Phone: SOS Alert Amplified Phone

The SOS Alert Phone is one that you will want to give to your grandparents, because it's about their safety and their ability to get help immediately if they need it.

The SOS Alert can be programmed to dial up to five persons or agencies at the press of one button that the user keeps with her. When someone answers, he hears a pre-recorded message in the owner's voice letting him know that the owner needs immediate help. Intended for use in the bathroom, the phone is even water proof and so is the remote device, so the user can wear it or stick it to the shower wall.

The SOS Alert Amplified Phone has an amazing list of bonus features as just a regular plain-old phone. Great for hearing impaired persons, it is hearing aid compatible and amplifies up to 50 decibels. There are many more features; read about them here.




Grandparent Gift Idea 5. Vibralite 3 Vibration Watch With Leather Band

Here's a watch that tells you the time and reminds you when it's time for an appointment or to take your meds. Use the timer for whatever you like. It will make you remember by vibrating until you've done whatever you needed to remember to do! The Vibralite Vibration Watch comes in several colors and styles at Amazon.com.



Grandparent Gift Idea 6. Jitterbug® Cell Phone

The Jitterbug is for cell-phone phobic grandparents. You don't want to get them an iPhone®, but do consider a Jitterbug. It operates like a regular phone, except you can carry it with you everywhere you go. The Jitterbug features large numbers on screen, larger dial buttons and numbers, and it's hearing aid compatible. No programming is required to use this phone and there are very reasonable monthly plans starting at $10 a month. First Street has special deals on the Jitterbug phone and service plans (that include real live operator assistance!) right now, so check it out at FirstStreet.



This model is called the Jitterbug One Touch® Phone, perfect for emergency-only users.


If some of these gadgets for gramps and grannies aren't affordable for you, consider asking your parents, aunts and uncles, and cousins to chip in and get a group holiday gift for the grandfolks! And, go visit them too!


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Nov 25, 2008
by Anonymous


emergency phone and bracelet is indeed very important but what I have heard such stuff doesn't always work and/or the persons suppose to come do not come.