Graphic Covered Mug Lets You Sip with the Fishes


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to drinking tea, coffee, or any other favorite brewed potables comes the Piranha Covered Mug. At just 77mm (3 inches) tall, the mug isn't that big but there's no missing the bold black “biting” graphics emblazoned on its sides.

It's the cover, though, that really makes the mug come together as a symbol of altruism and triumph over one's inhibiting anxieties.

See that little hand reaching out for rescue? Do you dare to ignore his wordless cry for help? If you can, then you either have no soul or no thirst... perhaps both.

The Humania Series encompasses a wide range of home and office accessories characterized by a faceless, featureless everyman – someone the average office drone or cubicle dweller can easily identify with.

As for the 1,659 yen ($21.55) Piranha Covered Mug, use it to sip your favorite brewed beverage and contemplate your life while considering how very much worse things could be. There now, doesn't that feel better? (via Village Vanguard and Body Touch