Graphic Novels Explode On The Mobile Comicsphere

Remember when Comic Books fit neatly in your back pocket ...available for quick access while on the go. Well its a new millennium, and print has gone digital. Now your Comics and Graphic Novels are even more accessible on a mobile platform of your choice.

Apple's App Store and Kindle have both seen an increase in applications dedicated to reading graphic novels on mobile devices. Since graphic novels are written in chapters, it allows Apple or Amazon to divide the work up into parts, where the first installment is sometimes offered as a free preview, and subsequent chapters are sold as low as $.99.

kidd millenniumkidd millenniumKidd millennium is a series of online editorial cartoons that have been lampooning the political and cultural scene since the year 2000 and can be found  online and in "Uncle Dubya's Jihad Jamboree" pubished in 2005. Now, in its 10th year, the cartoons are venturing into the graphic-novel-sphere.  Created by myself and illustrated by Jon Donohoe, "Crude Behavior" is a parody of the Bush Administration. Written with an "Onion-esque" satirical slant, kidd millennium is an actual descendent of the "Yellow Kid," the yellow journalism cartoon character known for exposing mankind's foibles at the turn of the last century.

Crude Behavior PrologueCrude Behavior Prologue

Since the repercussions of the last eight years are about to be played out in the federal courts to deal with the issues of torture, executive privilege and breaches in constitutional rights, Crude Behavior is a timely graphic novel for today's mobile reader.

Dick Cheney in Crude BehaviorDick Cheney in Crude Behavior

Graphic novels like Crude Behavior are going to be available very soon as a result of mobile platforms becoming so accessible.

Robot Comics, a cutting-edge digital publisher in this field is currently making an impact with its release of Argentinean artist Sergio Carrera's "The Eternal City," a moving graphic novel chronicling the adventures of a flawed angel of death. Available on iPhone, iPod touch and Android, the novel is soon coming to Amazon Kindle as well.

"I wanted to break all the barriers between comics and their potential readers," said Hermes Pique, director of Robot Comics.  "In a world where 60.6 percent of the population has a mobile, and where mobiles have evolved from phones to all-purpose gadgets, mobile comics seemed the best way to start," he noted.

In a recent report, Melissa Popee noted that  "the cost of print for comic books and graphic novels has gone up tremendously in the past few years, and many of these new artists simply cannot afford to compete with the big dogs who dominate the comic book stores around the country."  Pope is the co-founder of Genus,a software development firm based in L.A. that specializes in mobile devices.

From my own personal experience, the task of getting published in today's print world is near impossible. And this is not only devasting for the creators like myself but also for readers who would not have the opportunity to read graphic novels of consequence. Today, the mobile platform allows for cost-affordable easy access, and graphic novels can now get the voice they so richly deserve.




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Aug 13, 2009
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